Want to connect with other members? Listserv is one of the great benefits of being an LRA member. 


How to use the LRA ListServ?

Simply email "[email protected]" and your email will be distributed to all those in the ListServ, it's that simple!

In order to limit listserv email overload for readers, please reply to individuals rather than the full list. If you would like to reply back to the entire ListServ you will need to direct the message to "[email protected]", otherwise click reply and the message will be sent to the individual sender. 


How to unsubscribe from the LRA ListServ?

  • Log into your Account Profile 
  • Hover over My Features and click on E-List.
  • Toggle the Subscribe button (On/Off) accordingly. 


FAQ about the LRA ListServ:

Q: Do I need to Subscribe to the ListServ?

A: No, as long as you are a current member of LRA you will automatically be subscribed.

Q: How do I reply to the ListServ?

A: If you want to reply to the individual sender, simply press reply. If you would like to reply to the entire ListServ you will need to direct the message to "[email protected]".

Q: Why is my message to the ListServ not going through?

A: There are a few possibilities. Click here to learn more. 


Still Need Help?

Email Us or call 706.443.1334 


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