Field Council Committee


Committee Chair

Alice Lee (2020 - 2023)
University of California, Riverside
[email protected]

Committee Members (Regional Co-Chairs)

*Awaiting Appointment*, Northeast Region
*Awaiting Appointment*, Northeast Region
Joanne Marciano, ([email protected]), Midwest Region (2020-2023)
Emily Hayden, ([email protected]), Midwest Region (2020-2023)
Lindsey Moses, ([email protected])West Region (2020-2023)
Mary Kallus, ([email protected]), West Region (2018-2021)
Rahat Zaidi, ([email protected]), International (2020-2023)
Rebecca Jesson, ([email protected]), International (2020-2023)
Amy Broemmel, ([email protected]), South Region (2016-2022)
Lesley Cavendish, ([email protected]), South Region (2019-2022)

Standing Committee Support

Patriann Smith (2020 - 2023)
University of South Florida


There are about 100 state- and country-level Representatives that serve with the Field Council committee. 


1. The LRA Field Council shall serve as an advisory council to the LRA President and Board of Directors regarding the work of the Literacy Research Association.

2. Every year the Field Council Representatives in each state/province/country should contact faculty at colleges and universities within their assigned areas to encourage the acquisition, renewal, or maintenance of subscriptions to the LRA Yearbook and the Journal of Literacy Research.

3. Field Council members are encouraged to arrange co-sponsored meetings at state and regional meetings of other literacy organizations with the understanding that LRA does not guarantee program slots at the annual LRA meeting for co-sponsoring organizations. Co-sponsoring organizations are invited to submit program proposals for consideration under the regulations of the LRA Call for Proposals.

Forms (download by clicking on type desired):

A. Letter/template sent by State/Province/Country representatives to colleagues at colleges/universities in area of responsibility to encourage them to have their library subscribe to LRA publications. PDF version or Microsoft Word version.

B. Form/template from faculty member to library to request subscriptions to LRA publications. PDF version or Microsoft Word version.

C. LRA Yearbook Order Form.