Formative Experiments & Design-Based Research 


  • To serve the needs and promote the interests of LRA members invested informative experiments (FE) and design-based research (DBR) as a
  • methodological approach to literacy research.
  • To create a supportive, dialogic community of researchers confronting problems, issues, and challenges related to this approach and who wish to share their successes and failures, thus increasing collective wisdom and developing a network of resources.
  • To clarify the parameters of this approach toward developing useful frameworks for conceptualizing, planning, conducting, and reporting FE and DBR.
  • To develop and promote standards of rigor for designing FE and DBR and in collecting and analyzing data.
  • To promote discussions about the fundamental purposes of literacy research, particularly the relation between research, practice, and the enhancement of human well-being. 

Chair - 2019 - 2021
Emily Howell
Clemson University
[email protected]

Chair-Elect - 2019 - 2022
Ryan McCarty
National Louis University
[email protected]

Liaison - 2019 - 2022
Gina Cervetti
University of Michigan
[email protected]

Committee Members:

Megan Adams ([email protected]) (2014 - 2021)
Barbara Bradley ([email protected](2014 - 2021)
Jamie Colwell ([email protected](2014 - 2021)
Michael Manderino ([email protected](2014 - 2021)
David Reinking ([email protected](2014 - 2021)
Jennifer Schneider ([email protected](2014 - 2021)