Why is my message to the ListServ not going through?

  1. Your LRA membership is lapsed.  Please renew your membership and resend your message.
  2. Your LRA member type is "prospect".  Please upgrade your member type to one of these and resend your message.
  3. You are not subscribed to the ListServ.  Follow these steps to subscribe and resend your message.
  4. The email address you used to send your message to the ListServ is not the same email address that is listed as your primary email address in LRA's system.  Use the email address you used to create your LRA profile and resend your message or update your profile with your current email address (if it has changed) and resend your message.

Please note:  Each message that is sent to the LRA ListServ has to be APPROVED before it is sent out to all members.  Please allow time for your message to be approved.