LRA Leadership


Executive Committee

Gwendolyn Thompson McMillon
Oakland University
[email protected]

President 2020-2021

Conference Chair 2020

Elizabeth (Betsy) A. Baker
University of Missouri
[email protected]

Past President 2020-2021

Conference Chair 2019

David Yaden
University of Arizona
[email protected]

President-Elect 2020-2021

Conference Chair 2021

Doris Walker-Dalhouse
Marquette University
[email protected]

Vice-President 2020-2021

Associate Conference Chair 2021

Marla Mallette
Binghamton University
[email protected]

Treasurer 2018-2021

Rachel Salas
University of Nevada Reno
[email protected]
Secretary 2020-2023
Cassie Brownell
University of Toronto
[email protected]
Parliamentarian 2019-2022



Board of Directors

Ramon Martinez
Stanford University
[email protected]

Board Director 2018-2021

Liaison to: History ICG & Edward B. Fry
Book Award
Board Support Person: Ethics Committee
Detra Price-Dennis
Teachers College, Columbia University

Board Director 2018-2021

Liaison to: Distinguished Scholar &
Student Outstanding Research Award 
Board Support Person: Technology Committee
Dana Robertson
Virginia Tech

Board Director 2021-2021

Liaison to: Reading Clinic &
J. Michael Parker 
Board Support PersonGender & Sexualities Committee 
Cynthia Brock
University of Wyoming

Board Director 2019-2022

Liaison to: Doctoral Students ICG &
Arthur Applebee Outstanding Article Award

Board Support Person: Publications Committee

Gina Cervetti
University of Michigan

Board Director 2019-2022

Liaison to: Formative Experiments and
Design-based Research ICG & P. David Pearson
Scholarly Influence Award
   Melanie Kuhn
Purdue University

Board Director 2021-2022

Liaison to: Multilingual / Transnational
Literacies ICG & Albert J. Kingston Service Award 
Board Support Person: Ethnicity, Race & Multilingualism Committee
  Virginia Goatley
University at Albany - SUNY

Board Director 2020-2023

Liaison to: Oscar S. Causey Award
Board Support Person: Policy Committee
   Mary McVee
University at Buffalo

Board Director 2020-2023

Liaison to: Early Career Achievement Award 
Board Support Person: Research Committee
   Patriann Smith
University of South Florida

Board Director 2020-2023

Liaison to: International ICG  
Fellowship Liaison: STAR 
Board Support Person: Field Council




Samuel DeJulio
The University of Texas at San Antonio
[email protected]
Historian 2020 - 2023



Standing Committees

Haeny Yoon
Columbia University
[email protected]

Ethics Chair 2019-2022

Bogum Yoon
State University of New York at Binghamton

Ethnicity, Race & Multilingualism Chair 2018-2021

Alice Lee
University of California, Riverside
[email protected]

Field Council Chair 2020-2023

Craig Young
Bloomsburg University of PA
Gender & Sexualities Chair 2018-2021  
Danielle Dennis
University of Rhode Island
[email protected]
Policy & Legislative Chair 2019-2022 
Kristen Perry
University of Kentucky
[email protected]
 Publications Chair 2019-2022
Seth Parsons
George Mason University
[email protected]

Research Chair 2020-2023

Amy Hutchison
George Mason University
 Technology Chair 2018-2021