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News and Media Citations 

Kathy A. Mills and Lens Unsworth, iPad Animations: Powerful Multmodal Practices for Adolescent Literacy and Emotional LanguageThis "online first" journal publication demonstrates the power of making animations for the multimodal expression of emotions. It illustrates the useful application of the appraisal framework to provide a language for teacher and students to inscribe or invoke different emotions. It also demonstrates how students expanded their vocabulary for inscribing feelings from low to high levels of intensity. The student animations required the orchestration of semiotic elements to provoke emotions, from the choice of lines and colors to the subtle facial expressions, body movements, and rhythms that were created in these moving visual texts.

Rosalind Horowitz & S. Jay Samuels (2017) has recently published a new book: The Achievement Gap in Reading: Complex causes, persistent issues, possible solutions. More information can be found here. Horowitz also is a guest editor in Orality and Literacy in the 21st Century. Prospects for Writing Pedagogy. Writing & Pedagogy. 9.1 Spring.

Rosalind Horowitz, The University of Texas - San Antonio, received The Jack Cassidy Distinguished Service Award presented by the Texas Association for Literacy Education (TALE) February 24th 2018. 

Kouider Mokhtari, Anderson-Vukelja-Wright Endowed Chair, has recently published a new book.  More information can be found here

Hiller Spires and NC State University colleagues report on their global collaborative inquiry work with educators and students in China. See

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Pat Edwards  (2016). New Ways to Engage Parents: Strategies and Tools for Teachers and Leaders, K-12: Teachers College Press

The Atlantic cites Rachel McCormick’s research on refugee language education

Washington Post cites Jane M. Gangi and Nancy Benfer research on equitable literary representation

NPR cites Ebony Elizabeth Thomas in analysis of misrepresentations of slavery in children's literature.

Margaret Mackey, University of Alberta 
 One Child Reading:  My Auto-Bibliography, Margaret Mackey, University of Alberta Press, 2016.
"The miracle of the preserved word, in whatever medium-print, audio text, video recording, digital exchange-means that it may transfer into new times and new places.”

Lara Handsfield, Illinois State University
 Literacy Theory as PracticeConnecting Theory and Instruction in K–12 Classrooms. Teachers College Press, 2016

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Donna Alverman, University of Georgia
Editor: Adolescents’ online literacies: Connecting classrooms, digital media & popular culture (Revised edition). New York, NY: Peter Lang. 



Lesley Morrow received the International Literacy Association Award for Special Service

Richard Beach received the 2016 Minnesota Academy of Reading Award

Jen Scott Curwood, University of Sydney
Recipient:  Teacher Educator of the Year Award, Australian Teacher Education Association


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Patriann Smith and literacy colleagues at Texas Tech University report on the East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood—ensuring that both children and parents have access to the resources they need to grow, learn and succeed.

Allen Berger reports on thirty years of  

Eurydice Bauer reports on