Oscar S. Causey Award

History of the Award
LRA awards the Oscar S. Causey Award each fall for outstanding contributions to reading research. Dr. Oscar S. Causey was the founder of the National Reading Conference and served many years as Chair of the Executive Committee. The Award is awarded annually to recognize outstanding contributions to literacy research and was first presented in 1967.

About Oscar Causey

Criteria for Consideration for the Award
The Oscar S. Causey Award is awarded annually to recognize a LRA member for outstanding contributions to literacy research.

When assessing nominees, committee members address six criteria:

  • This individual has published substantial research in literacy.
  • This individual has published significant research in literacy.
  • This individual has published original research in literacy.
  • This individual has generated new knowledge through literacy research.
  • This individual is a recognized leader in the conduct and promotion of literacy research.
  • Consideration will be given to whether the literacy research of Oscar S. Causey Award nominees is aligned with the mission statement of LRA.

Procedures for Nomination
The Chair of the Committee invites nominations via an announcement in the Newsletter and at least twice each year on the Listserv. In addition, the Chair should send a separate request each year to past Oscar S. Causey Award winners and past presidents for nominations. Nominations should include a copy of the nominee’s current, full curriculum vita and a nominating letter authored by an individual who is a member of LRA. Nominations are sent electronically via e-mail to the Chair. Nominations are considered active for a period of three years, unless a nominee has received the award during this time. New nominations should be submitted electronically via e-mail to the Chair before August 15th.

Review Process
The chair sends electronic copies of each nominee’s curriculum vita and nomination letter to members of the committee. Committee members rank each nominee in order from highest to lowest. The chair averages these rankings, and the recipient is selected according to the person receiving the highest average ranking. This process is completed by September 15 of each year. Tradition has it that only the chair, the recipient, the President, and headquarters know the name of the recipient. This is done in order to make the award an important announcement at the Annual Conference. The recipient is notified as soon as possible (no later than October 1) so that they might attend the conference to receive the award. The recipient of the Oscar S. Causey Award will receive a plaque and a monetary award in the amount of $500.00.

Oscar S. Causey Award Winners 
Arthur S. McDonald (1967) 
Albert J. Kingston (1968) 
George D. Spache (1969) 
George B. Schick (1970) 
Homer L. J. Carter (1971) 
Al Lowe (1975) 
Paul C. Berg (1978) 
Earl E Rankin (1979) 
Edward B. Fry (1980) 
George R. Klare (1981) 
J. Jaap Tuinman (1982) 
Joanna P. Williams (1983) 
Harry Singer (1984) 
S. Jay Samuels (1985) 
Philip Gough (1986) 
Richard C. Anderson (1987) 
Monte Penney (Citation of Merit -- 1987) 
Isabel Beck (1988) 
P. David Pearson (1989) 
Ronald P Carver (1990) 
Linnea C. Ehri (199l) 
John T. Guthrie (1992) 
Kenneth S. Goodman (1993) 
Shirley Brice Heath (1994) 
Robert Ruddell (1995) 
Keith E. Stanovich (1996) 
Donna E. Alvermann (1997) 
Kathryn H. Au (1998) 
Rebecca Barr (1999) 
Michael Pressley (2000) 
Patricia Ann Alexander (2001)
Connie Juel (2002)
Robert Calfee (2003)
Victoria Purcell-Gates (2004)
Steven Stahl (2004)
Annemarie Palincsar (2005)
Michael L. Kamil (2006)
Scott G. Paris (2007)
Taffy E. Raphael (2008)
Barbara M. Taylor(2009)
Lesley M. Morrow (2010)
Linda B. Gambrell (2011)
Jerry Harste (2012)
Yetta Goodman (2013)
Susan B. Neuman (2014)
Elfrieda H. Hiebert (2015)
Kris D. Gutiérrez (2016)
Peter Johnston (2017)