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LRA STAR Cohorts

Albert J. Kingston Award Presentation

Student Outstanding Research Award Presentation 

J. Michael Parker Award Presentation

Presidential Address: Rebecca Rogers

Early Career Achievement Award Presentation

Oscar S. Causey Award Presentation

Oscar S. Causey Address: Kris D. Gutierrez

Arthur Applebee Award for Excellence in Research in Literacy

Integrative Research Review: Expanding Meaningfulness in Literacy Research by Judith Lysaker

P. David Pearson Scholarly Influence Award Presentation

Edward B. Fry Book Award Presentation

Business Meeting

Distinguished Scholar Lifetime Achievement Award Address, Shirley Brice Heath


Plenary Videos 








Plenary Videos

Plenary Videos

Arlette Willis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Yetta Goodman, University of Arizona

Rupert Wegerif, University of Exeter

George Lakoff, University of California at Berkeley

Integrative Research Review - Annemarie Palincsar, Maren Aukerman, Rachel Brown, Kouider Mokhtari, Sheila Valencia






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