(Area Chair Terms are for 3 years)

 Area 1.  Pre-service Teacher Education in Literacy

Jennifer Danridge Turner University of Maryland College Park [email protected] 2018-2020
Darrell Hucks Kenne State College [email protected] 2018-2020
Noah Golden Chapman University [email protected]
Altheir Lazar Saint Joseph's University [email protected]


Area 2. In-service Teacher Education/Professional Development in Literacy

Kirsten Hill University of Michigan-Dearborn [email protected] 2018-2020
Emily Hayden Iowa State University [email protected] 2019-2020
Seth Parsons George Mason University s[email protected] 2019-2021
Pelusa Orellana Universidad de los Andes p[email protected] 2019-2020


Area 3. Literacy Instruction and Literacy Learning

Katherine Frankel
Boston University [email protected] 2017-2019
Evan Ortlieb St. John’s University [email protected] 2018-2020
Jennifer Rowsell
Brock University [email protected] 2018-2021
Sheri Vasinda Oklahoma State University s[email protected]
Grace Enriquez Lesley University [email protected] 2019-2020


Area 4. Literacy Assessment, Evaluation, and Public Policy

Bobbie Kabuto Queens College [email protected] 2018-2020
Elizabeth Stevens Roberts Wesleyan College [email protected] 2018-2020


Area 5. Early and Elementary Literacy Processes 

Jacquelynn Malloy Clemson University [email protected] 2018-2020
Ashley Patterson Penn State University [email protected] 2018-2020
Sonia Cabell Florida State University [email protected] 2019-2021


Area 6.  Adolescent, College, and Adult Literacy Processes

Jody Polleck Hunter College [email protected] 2018-2020
Jill Castek University of Arizona [email protected] 2018-2020
Ktistine Pytash Kent State University [email protected] 2019-2020
Phillip Wilder Clemson University [email protected] 2019-2021


Area 7. Social, Cultural, and Political Issues of Literacy Practices In and Out of School

Judith Dunkerly-Bean Old Dominion University [email protected] 2017-2019
Maisha T. Winn University of California, Davis [email protected] 2018-2020
Melody Zoch University of North Carolina, Greensboro [email protected] 2018-2020
Jen Scott Curwood The University of Sydney j[email protected] 2019-2020
Christian Ehret McGill University [email protected] 2019-2021


Area 8. Literacy Learning and Practice in Multilingual and Multicultural Settings

Kwangok Song The University of Kansas [email protected] 2017-2019
Ting Yuan CUNY College of Staten Island [email protected] 2018-2020
P. Zitlali Morales University of Illinois at Chicago z[email protected] 2019-2021
Ana Christina da Silva Iddings Vanderbilt University [email protected] 2019-2020

Area 9. Text Analysis/Children’s, Young Adult, and Adult Literature

Mark Lewis Loyola University Maryland [email protected] 2018-2020
Amanda Thein University of Iowa [email protected] 2018-2020


Area 10. Literacy Technology and Media

Poonam Arya Wayne State University [email protected] 2018-2020
Tanya Christ Oakland University [email protected] 2018-2020
Jon Wargo Boston College w[email protected] 2018-2020


Area 11. Research Theory, Methods, and Practices

Danny Martinez UC Davis [email protected] 2018-2020
Joseph Rumenapp Judson University [email protected] 2018-2020
Jamie Colwell Old Dominion University j[email protected] 2019-2021


Area 12.  International Research on Literacy Teaching and Learning

Lori Czop Assaf Texas State University [email protected] 2017-2019
Katina Zammit Western Sydney University [email protected] 2017-2019
Patience Sowa Research Triangle Institute International [email protected] 2017-2019
Jacqueline D' Warte Western Sydney University [email protected] 2018-2020


Area 13. Study Groups

Keisha Green University of Massachusetts Amherst [email protected]
Meghan Barnes University of North Carolina at Charlotte [email protected] 2018-2020


Area 14. Other Topics

Bong Gee Jang

Syracuse University

[email protected]


Bridget Dalton

University of Colorado

b[email protected]




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