Conference Research Areas & Area Chairs

(Appointed by Vice President - 3 Year Term)

Rebecca Rogers 2016 Conference Chair

Area 1
Pre-service Teacher Education in Literacy

Area 2
In-service Teacher Education/Professional Development in Literacy

Area 3
Literacy Instruction and Literacy Learning

Area 4
Literacy Assessment, Evaluation, and Public Policy

Area 5
Early and Elementary Literacy Processes

Area 6
Adolescent, College, and Adult Literacy Processes

Area 7
Social, Cultural, and Political Issues of Literacy Practices In and Out of School

Area 8
Literacy Learning and Practice in Multilingual and Multicultural Settings

Area 9
Text Analysis/Children’s, Young Adult, and Adult Literature

Area 10
Literacy Technology and Media

Area 11
International Research on Literacy, Teaching, and Learning

Chairs to be appointed for 2017 Conference

 Area 12 
Research Theory, Methods, and Practices

Area 13
Study Groups

Area 14
Other Topics